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What is a warranty and why do I need one?
We would all like to think that we live in a perfect world and that our cars will never let us down but unfortunately the reality is sometimes a little different. No matter how well you maintain your vehicle, components can still fail resulting in costly repair bills.
AA Warranty Mechanical Breakdown Insurance has been designed to help protect you against the cost of such repairs.
Should a covered component suffer unforeseen mechanical failure, we could help to cover the cost of repairs. We even cover wear and tear on
Below is an illustration detailing the average cost of repairs (including parts and labour, with VAT shown) to some of the more common component failures from the AA Warranty Claims Database during 2012.
AA Warranty Chart

Why is it a good idea to purchase an AA Extended Warranty product?
  • Peace of mind
  • Allows repairs when the car owner needs them
  • Most products include a free rental car if the vehicle is off the road for repairs
  • Owners are protected against the rising cost of repairs
  • Available on New and Used Vehicles *
  • Available for up to 36 months
  • Maximum claim limit up to the retail value of the vehicle
  • No claim will be rejected on the grounds of Wear and Tear **
  • Personal Continental Use - up to 60 consecutive days
  • Replacement Vehicle Hire - Pays up to £25 per day for 7 days
  • Hotel / Accommodation and Rail Fare ***
  • Recovery - Pays up to £50 including VAT
  • Transferrable to a new private owner
  • No claims excess or hidden costs
  • You can be covered as soon as you leave the forcourt

What to ask your salesperson?
Ask your sales person if the vehicle you want to buy has any remaining manufacturer’s warranty remaining. If so, your AA Warranty cover can be deferred until your manufacturer’s warranty has expired ensuring continuous protection. If not, ask if the vehicle is eligible for immediate AA Warranty cover.
Your salesperson will be able to explain the cover in more detail and help you decide the best level of cover to suit your vehicle.

Eligible Vehicles
AA Warranty is available for passenger cars, vans and light commercial vehicles up to 3,500kg GVW, Motorhomes and Caravans that are registered within the Geographical Limits.
AA Warranty does not cover vehicles that:
  • are used for hire or reward (e.g. taxi or driving tuition);
  • have been previously recorded as an insurance total loss;
  • have been modified from the manufacturer’s specification (unless agreed by Us);
  • are used for road-racing, rallying, or any other competitive event.

Our claims department is open from 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday, and 8.30am to 12.30pm on Saturday. The office is closed on Sunday.
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